Using our Project Estimating skill, knowledge, experience, and software, you will know what your Estimate At Completion (EAC) will be.

We have successfully provided estimates for projects of every scale, from single family homes to multi-million dollar commercial, infrastructural, Industrial and institutional facilities.

We specialize in all of the following types of estimates depending on your requirements:

Project Controls

We manage every key process that impacts the project Cost, Scope, and Schedule.

We also recommend mitigation or corrective actions to keep the project on schedule and budget. These include but are not limited to:

Change Management

Our Change Management process and methodology gives you real-time visibility and financial control by managing project change orders submitted against capital projects scope and purchase orders. This ensures an accurate and timely budget tracking and costing to baseline/approved/control budgets.

Our Change Management technique is live and visible to the Client and all affected stakeholders showing all the ups and downs against baseline quantities, man-hours, budgets and cost.

Project & Construction Coordination

We fill in the gaps and connect the dots on all project sizes to ensure a smooth and successful project delivery.

We implement the following:

Earned Value Management

Our EVMS is centered on project accountability, risk identification/management and an enhanced/optimized project delivery. We combine advanced planning, baseline methods and earned value analysis, to give early visibility into project performance.

Service Classification

Pre-Contract Services

  • Feasibility Studies/Cost Advice
  • Outline Feasibility Estimates
  • Design Change Cost Advice
  • Cost Planning & Bills of Quantities
  • Procurement Advice
  • Initial Contractor Selection
  • Engineering Procurement
  • Contract Formations
  • Project Estimating
  • Form of Contract Selection

Post-Contract Services

  • Project Cost Management
  • Claims Preparation and Management
  • Risk Management
  • Contracts Administration
  • Final Account Agreement
  • Interim Valuations
  • Value Engineering
  • Facilities Management

Specialist Services

  • Independent Cost Audits & Reports
  • Employer’s Agent
  • Expert Witness on Cost Related Matters